Two October Haiku

October cooling

‘Windows down? You’ll catch your death!’

Don’t mind if I do


October bike ride

Saw some boys playing football

With a basketball


Author: Harry Miller

I have traveled and lived in Taiwan, China, and Japan and am now a professor of Asian history and author of Southern Rain, a novel of seventeenth-century China.

5 thoughts on “Two October Haiku”

  1. With a basketball, that brings a smile indeed. It truly is football season when everything gets appropriated to that purpose… marching bands, small talk, ties, required binary tribal delineations, all of that is just part of my surrounding Alabama air, I am used to it. But the basketball? Do we even have to bring basketball into it? Nice.
    I especially liked the crisp air, after heavy summers of living humid deaths, what harm could some windows down do? 🙂

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